Step by step tutorial to buy UFO gaming coin in india

UFO gaming coin is in demang and i was getting emails to know the place to buy it. So, particularly for Indian audience, i am getting this article.

Buy UFO Gaming coin in India

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How to buy UFO gaming coin in India

Step 1 : Create account on Kucoin

Binance will let you buy UFO gaming coin.

We analysed and inspected this new crypto exchange and we find it good to go with.

You can sign up for free account here.

It just take few seconds to activate your account.

Step 2 : Buy BTC / ETH or USD using local currency

After your account is created, you can go to Fast buy section of the crypto exchange. Use your VIsa or master card to buy the major crypto coins.

Step 3 : Buy UFO gaming coin

  • Go to Trade -> Spot trading and search for UFO gaming coin.
  • In the Buy UFO coin section, enter the desired coins with the price of purchase (select market for quicker transactions).
  • Click on Buy to initiate the transaction.

Step 4 : That’s it

The coins will be credited to your Binance wallet and you can check the available coins under the Funds Section of your login page.


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