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Vedavaag Systems: Beyond Citizen Services – Exploring Electronics and IoT

Vedavaag Systems, a name synonymous with citizen service delivery in India, is quietly making waves in another arena: electronics components and cloud-based solutions. While their expertise in financial inclusion, e-governance, and rural citizen services is well-established, a closer look reveals their foray into the exciting world of electronics and IoT. Products Catalogue for Vedavaag Systems (2024 Latest) Beyond Grassroots Automation: While "Grass Root Automation" and "Financial Inclusion" remain core strengths, Vedavaag's brochure hints at something more. USB relays and electronic ceramic components suggest a deeper understanding of hardware, hinting at potential ventures into product development or integrated solutions. Could we see Vedavaag-branded smart devices or custom electronics for their citizen service projects? The Cloud Beckons: The mention of cloud-based solutions opens another intriguing door. Combining their extensive citizen service experience

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