How to buy NU coin | Step by step tutorial

We are almost approaching end of 2021 and new crypto currencie are being launched. NU coin is the latest launch which is creating sensation worldwide. Here we will tell you the way to buy it.

buy NU coin

Steps to buy NU coin

  1. Click here to create free commission discounted account on Binance.
  2. After successful registration, login and go to trade section.
  3. Search for NU Coin.
  4. Enter the quantity to purchase along with the rate per transaction.
  5. Click on buy to execute.
  6. That is it. You will get NU coin in your free Binance wallet.


There are many crypto exchanges but when you register your account, you should focus on some important things. Exchange should be safe and reliable. Why to go for something you cannot trust. Binance is really trustworthy and you have a sense of confidence that your money is safe. Also, if you register using Techcheater partnership BInance link, you will get discounts for every transaction. Here is the link for getting 5% discount on every transaction you make on Binance.

Video Tutorial