How & Where to buy Squid game coin | All steps

Squid Game token (SGT) is the latest crypto trend and you can buy the coin easily and get in your virtual wallet. Let us see the steps to do that.

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buy squid game coin

Where to buy Squid Game crypto token

Anyone can purchase squid game coin on Pancakeswap NFT or on Binance. Before you proceed, you need to buy major cryptocurrency like BTC, ETH or BNB.

How to buy Squid game coin

Step 1 : Create free account on Binance

Binance offers you to purchase major cryptocurrencies that you can use to exchange with other small coins like SGT.

Binance is the international exchange that lets you buy BCPT. You can create your free account on Official Binance Website.

Binance is the most trusted and reliable way to purchase the Blockmason Credit protocol , a.k.a BCPT token. Once you have the account ready, you can proceed further. If you face any challenges while setting up the account, you can read this stepwise article that will guide you stepwise to create account on Binance.

Step 2 : Buy BTC using local currency

Go to the trade section and buy the major cryptocurrency which you can use further to purchase SGT coin.

Step 3 : Purchase Squid game token with the Bitcoins

Purchase SGT token with the Bitcoins

  • Go to Binance Exchange -> Basic and search for SGT coin.
  • In the Buy Squid game token section, enter the desired coins with the price of purchase (select market for quicker transactions).
  • Click on Buy to initiate the transaction.

After purchasing BTC, you can alternatively go to pancakeswap and buyt SGT Token throught NFT.

Step 4 : That’s it.

The coins will be credited to your Binance wallet and you can check the available coins under the Funds Section of your login page.

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