Wells Fargo Propel Card

Wells Fargo Propel Card is a 0$ annual maintenance American Express card which offers great deals and cashback offers. It pays around 3 times reward points that get into your user card.It has no foriegn transaction fees as well. They have good deals on your expenditure like Gas bills, restaurant checks etc.

Wells Fargo Propel Card
Details of the Wells Fargo Propel Card

Let us now proceed with precise details.

Wells Fargo Propel Card

The Wells Fargo Propel card is one of the best no-annual-fee travel cards. The users like the 3x point bonus on the expenditures. People know that they have to spend the money anyhow, so they look for the option that offers them some cashback on their required expenditures. It is sensible to opt for reward point cards.

Now let us read the review points and see the overall scenario if it is good to opt for this card.

Wells Fargo Propel Card Review

S.NoPros   Cons
1Has No Annual FeesNot as popular as VISA or Master Card. Has comparitively lesser merhcants
2Lets users to transfer points to other Wells Fargo cards Not available for low credit score users.
3No Deadline for points. Points don’t expireCan’t transfer points to outside loyalty programs

43X reward points in most of the categories
5Offers sign up bonus of 20,000 points on expenditure of $1,000 in first 3 months
6Has No foreign transaction fee
7No Limit of the maximum points

Point Redemption Options

When you get the reward points, they can be redeemed at different outlets. But you have to follow minimum point logic.

Wells Fargo Go Far Rewards points are very flexible. Unlike many rewards programs, you won’t lose point value by choosing a different redemption option. In almost all cases, you will get 1 cent per point. Here are a few ways you can use points from your Propel card:

Different categories have different crieteria and here are the details

Minimum points requiredPoint Value (Cents)
Statement credit 2,5001
ATM Withdrawal2,0001
Cashback (check, ATM withdrawal or direct deposit to Wells Fargo account) 2,5001
Gift cards2,5001
Digital downloadsDepends on price of itemVaries (usually less than 1 cent)
MerchandiseDepends on price of item0.7

Other alternatives

If you are looking to proceed, here are some other options which might interest you. It is always better to compare before you make the decision.

  1. Bank Of America Travel Rewards Visa Credit Card.
  2. Chase Sapphire Preferred Card.
  3. CITI Double Cash Card.


Wells Fargo American Express Propel Card is a good option to opt. It offers great security and an excellent customer support as well. So, in case you need any kind of assistance, you have a peace of mind.

Personally i will recommend to definitely opt for this.

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